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Continuing our canoe story.
God gave us such good opportunity to see wild life and the peaceful scenes around us.

Even when it rained it was not cold and later we were able to see such beauty.

Each time we we went down the river in our canoes the purpose of getting out of the water at our drop off point was to stop before the falls. They are rough and jagged with many twists and turns and very dangerous.
Before we headed home we did a small hike above the falls so we could see what was there.
It was majestic and so powerful and definitely not anything anyone would attempt in a canoe.

It had awesome beauty.
The roar was so loud and so powerful.

 You realized how very small you are 
when you stand there and see the force of that water and listen to the roar as it tumbles down upon rocks.
As we were looking at the falls we were blessed by a little surprise not far from where we were standing.

It was as if God was saying…
“I care about all things the powerful and the small”.
It was just sitting on a rock and enjoying the scene too.

If I ever had a ‘dream job’ it would be a wild life photographer
(of course it would depend on the kind of wild life).
I love to watch them in their natural habitat or scene.
Our trip was almost over and we were heading home soon.
The journey was a good one filled with family, friends and fellowship.
There were a few challenges but we survived and learned from them.
We look forward to the next canoe trip a year from now and we are also looking for a motorhome.
The days of tent camping are over.
{Photos by Papa O from Oregon}