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Names and their meaning.
Following up on my last blog writing I thought I would share a few names and challenge you to look into your name and it’s meaning.
In the Old Testament and in the New Testament names were chosen with meaning and also changed into a new meaning depending on the circumstance surrounding the person and what God was doing with them.
Names are important and they give value.
Years ago when we were expecting our children it was a huge task to think of names that would
a) be nice and something we would enjoy saying over and over
b) be something that would follow them into adulthood as a professional person.
I cringe when I hear the names some of the famous people name their children and it makes me wonder ‘what were they thinking’ when they came up with that name.
It is rather shocking and sad that people do not spend the time to ‘think’ about the name of the most important people in their lives.
Our son was our first born.
We named him Christopher (which means Christ bearer) and Allen (which means harmony)
These names were both favorites of ours and meaningful as my husbands brother was ‘Allen’ and I loved Christopher Robin on winnie the pooh.
These names followed him and he IS a believer in Christ and is also musically inclined.
So the name ‘fit’ the child who is now a man.
Our daugher was our second to be born.
We named her Sarah (which means princess) and Kathleen (which means dear to my heart).
Both were favorites again for us.
I always loved the name Sarah in the bible and she was named after my sister Kathleen.
Both names can be professional and when you hear them they sound good.
Often times when God would do something in someone’s heart he would go back and change their name to represent their ‘moment’ of change.
Names were always important to Jesus, remember when he said “Mary”… using her name so she could recognize it and recognize his voice.
When he called from the grave “Lazarus” he didn’t use a generic name he used the one who he wanted to address.
When he said “Lazarus come forth” can you imagine if he had not done that how many might have come forth?
I hope you are getting the message that whatever your name is…
It is yours and it is about you and it is important.
Remember when it says in the bible at the NAME of JESUS
every knee will bow and every tongue will confess
He is Lord.
It starts with a name.
His name is beautiful.
I would like to add yours is too.