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We go to the beach quite often and the camp where we go to every Thursday has a place that was created for conversation and sharing.
When I walk by it I imagine the many conversations taking place in the dark while eating smores together around the fire pit full of warm crackling flames.
It is a place for friendships and challenges, and even maybe a place for prayer.
Those who created it called the spot ‘a conversation pit’.
It is in a circle in the sand with hand made benches and one can see the ocean that is barely visible if they walk upward on a sand bank.
Many who have sat in this place find it peaceful and relaxing and the invitation for conversation is a bonus as they sit there with each other.
If you were there what would you talk about? It is an invitation to be real and honest.
Sharing from one’s heart is difficult for most of us.
Most of the time when I go down to the beach I try to walk 2-2.5 miles.
It is relaxing and good for me.
But when I do go I am not just by myself. There are other people here.
My last blog writing I shared about a special friend of mine, and this kind of
goes back to my thoughts about friendships and the matters of the heart sharing.
When you have a special friend you value and then add special time spent together; it becomes a part of your favorite gift you can give yourselves.
I value all the friends I have in my life and strive to make them a very important part of my life.
A conversation pit does not have to just be at the beach, it can be in a coffee shop with someone, or church or a restaurant.
Wherever you both feel safe to share openly and honestly about matters of your heart.

Have you ever been in that kind of setting?