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As we head into a new month I am reminded of this year so far.
It has been very interesting and very challenging at times.
March brings daylight savings time, so the days will be longer and the night won’t come so early.
It also brings many birthdays in our family.
I finished a quilt for a grandson and that should be done and delivered for his 13th birthday.
Every grand child gets a quilt from grandma on their 13th birthday.
I figure it’s a milestone and beginning of teen years.
There is one more grand child to sew for and he is only 10.
I see my oncologist hopefully for a good and encouraging appointment.
The journey of breast cancer has been life altering and I have to adjust to the new ‘team of doctors’.
Hoping the weather will be good and not so many rainy days or heavy winds.
Our tree in the backyard had to come down.
Such a sad and different look for the backyard. but it had to be removed. It was unsafe.
Spring cleaning will be on the calendar, it’s time for deep cleaning.
My cat keeps getting sick on the carpet and I just do my best to keep it cleaned up.
We are going to go down to the beach and spend time in our trailer and relaxing.
That will be a nice change and a small getaway.
I had to get a new cell phone and then in that process I got locked out of it, so I wait to use it fully.
I am feeling like my patience is being tested.
I will not complain I will just wait it out and hope for a good result.
By next Sunday I should be able to set a new password on my phone and use it the way it should be used.
As we head into a new month, I am looking forward to some easier days a head.