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As I sit in the quiet of the beach and our trailer I reflect on the peace and the safety of this place.
We have been here for a few days now, going home tomorrow.
I miss my cats. I miss home. Although the beach is a home to me on many levels.
Even when it’s wet and stormy it is a refuge for me. A kind of soul care.
I love the sounds of the ocean and the power of the waves, then this morning I walked across the grassy path and above me were Canadian geese honking and flying across the sky.
One of my most favorite sounds in the air. I marvel at how they can fly in a form so perfect.
Then I saw hovering over the ocean the pelicans… slowly flying over the waves.
It is a place of wonder to me. The camp is a known Christian camp and we come here every Thursday.
My husband volunteers here and works alongside several other guys of assorted ages.
Lately on the other side of the camp the otters have come to visit.
I have not been able to see them yet but that would be a wonderful surprise to see them in their natural habitat.
I love to see nature as it is, I think often times we mess up the natural nesting places of so many.
Last year over the camp there were a few eagles. They were beautiful flying high as the majestic swirl of their wings moved ever so careful, high above the hillside.
Most of nature I love. Not the bugs or creepy crawly things but nature is a beautiful thing to observe.
Today I am staying in tune with the quiet. The calm and the peaceful process of taking time away.
Life goes on as I restore myself in this place of peace.
Soon the hub of laundry and dishes will be in the background, maybe the local news.
For now I excuse myself of those things and I sit in the peace of a soft breeze warm sun and waves.