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Another month is just flying by, it is almost the end of March already.
We had four birthdays and one anniversary in the family.
It has always been a full month for us.
Spring is almost officially here, and nights will be longer, and days will be warmer.
It will be a nice change from the wintery weather we have had.
Our church is prepping for Easter. Always a big day for celebration.
Then they are having an Easter egg hunt on a farm for the little ones.
I am not sure where the egg hunting started but I do know one year my granddaughter was not impressed.
At age three or four her question and logic were funny.
Why would you take eggs out of the refrigerator, boil them, then color them, then put them in the yard to find them, only to put them back into the refrigerator again?
She had no use for that nonsense.
It was pretty funny actually. I remember her saying, “I am looking everywhere.”
Kind of humoring us old folks.
Easter is always a time for family. The big meal, and the time spent together.
When we first got married, we settled into a routine of every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve was at my family’s and Easter and Christmas day was at his family’s.
It solved a lot of issues when we ended up with our little ones.
I was not going to go to many homes for many meals.
Now it’s just my husband and I and we don’t even have any little ones.
That is ok we don’t like to color the eggs and I do decorate around the Theme of Easter, but it’s pretty quiet here.
We will enjoy the ‘season’ and sentiment. We will center our hearts toward the meaning and depth of the Easter story.
It is all a journey of faith and family and learning to figure out what is most important.
Another month is flying by, and it’s almost the beginning of April.