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Another birthday to remember.
My sister passed away in June of 2019, but her birthday was February 11th.
I remember the many moments we shared together, both good and bad.
It was not all rosy, but we were always close.
In one season of time, I had not seen her for over a few years and I really missed her.
So, I sent her a plane ticket to fly home.
I picked her up at the airport and she stayed at our house for a few days, then I drove her down to our parents.
Meeting them halfway then they drove to their home, and I stayed in a bed and breakfast place alone.
She enjoyed the trip and later I found out she was so out of her comfort zone it was a miracle she flew.
Not long after that she went back to Arkansas and told the family, “I’m going home.”
They loaded up the truck like the Beverly hillbilly’s and drove back to Oregon.
Our driveway had their ‘belongings’ for a few months until they could get settled.
The journey back to Oregon was a good one.
She had many rough moments and many hard times, but she tried her best to make it.
Her husband found a job and they found an apartment and it all worked out.
Her story is hard. Our story together was hard. Our life growing up was hard.
At one point, she was on hospice and dying. The four of us, my older sister and her husband and me and my husband.
Tag teamed to take care of her. We did such a good job of helping her along with her doctor, she lived from 2006 to 2019.
Way longer than I would ever have imagined her to live and survive and thrive.
She was a miracle in many ways.
Although we were tested and it was not often easy, I would never regret our investment in her.
Happy Birthday Mary, I will share a doughnut and remember how much you loved them.