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After what seemed like a long day on the river we returned to the camp to get ready for our dinner.
First thing on my agenda was to get out of the wet clothes I was wearing and into warm ones.
It is always nice to find warm sweat pants, sweatshirts, warm socks and heavy duty hiking boots for the very
cold feet.
The camp fires felt good as we waited for our feast to begin.
Dinner was a great success.
We served taco’s for 18 with leftovers for another day.
After we burned our dishes and cleaned up a little we settled around the campfires for snacks and conversations.
Night time came and my hubby went to bed first.
After talking till near ten I decided it was time for sleep too.
Looking forward to a nice warm night of sleep I opened up my sleeping bag and realized it had been rained on. My pillow, egg crate mattress and sleeping bag was soaked as well as half of the cot too.
I woke my hubby up and told him about my situation and he gave me his extra sleeping bag and a spare blanket. (The sleeping bag was very light weight and was used as an extra blanket)
I threw the wet ones onto the tent floor and then made myself a bed finding a towel rolled up for my pillow.
Folding the sleeping bag in half I curled inside it. Then I folded the bottom half to cover me up more.
Not sure if sleep would come I laid there in the dark and wondered
what ever made me say YES to this adventure.
After a few hours of sleeping someones baby in camp woke me up.
The night air had dropped and I began to realize how very cold I was becoming.
Problem solving again I found my coat with a hood and wrapped it around me and then climbed back into the sleeping bag till morning.
My first thought when I woke up was to go home.
After a hot cup of coffee and realizing the sky was bright and beautiful full of warm sunshine my attitude changed and we began day two on the river with the feeling of good day ahead of us.
{I do have to say my hubby did not realize the night was so cold for me. Also a few of the other campers did have sleeping bags available. I just didn’t want to wake anyone up.}
Photo’s by Sharon or Larry O from Oregon.