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After our adventure to Winema beach we came home for a short time then left again to the coast again.
Only this time we headed to a town on the southern Oregon coast line called Florence.
It was a port that is used mostly for fishing but there are also dunes there where people ride dune buggies.
We found it to be very strange when we saw large sand dunes right behind the local Fred Meyer store.
So much for beach life, very different from our ‘scenes in the valley.’
DSCN1284 Our drive down was fun as the clouds were very dark and even rainy. Making a very good ‘picture taking’ opportunity for me.
DSCN1285I always anticipate the drive with joy and a bit of anxiety as I know traffic can create issues and especially with a trailer behind our expedition.
DSCN1291 We followed hwy 101 all the way down the southern coast, with it’s windy roads and scenic views.
It really was a nice drive although it took us about five hours from our house to our campsite.
We had many bridges as we drove I think it must have been close to six and they varied in size some short and some longer.
DSCN1297 The water was all around us on some occasions and we just had to keep driving till ‘solid ground’ reappeared.
DSCN1301 We arrived at Port of Suislaw in the heart of downtown Florence and set up our camp. We would spend the next three days there exploring.
After getting settled I took a final picture of us, on our couch watching a bit of night TV before the evening got dark.DSCN1306 The view from our trailer on the outside near where we sat in our chairs, and then the view from the inside of the trailer.DSCN1310
Our home away from home is very cozy and we are really enjoying our time away.
Each time it is easier to leave and each time the ‘cats’ realize we will return.
Stay tuned as I share more of our ‘summer adventures.’