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On the eve of Thanksgiving day, I asked my husband to help me think of other words of Thanksgiving.
Another one that we came up with is so ‘simple’ yet so important and valuable.
The word or words that we thought about and discussed is: Relationships and family. says:
Relationship is – association involving emotional connection between people.
Family is – any group of persons closely related by blood, a group belonging, whether dwelling together or not.
When we think of thanksgiving, we immediately think of spending time with those we love.
Oh sometimes we might volunteer in a community setting, and serve others who we do not know.
But for the purpose of this writing, relationships in the form of family is what holidays are all about.
It would not be the same, if we had no one to enjoy the holiday with.
Relationship is a part of ‘who’ we are as people. Who God made us to be.
We love and care for our friends and loved ones. We wish for them health and peace deep in their spirits.
Family is often times who we spend holidays with, but even more than that, it is about who means the most to us.
Sometimes holidays can bring unhealthy relationships.
These are the worst calls for fire or policemen. Family issues escalating because of the holiday.
It is not always that serious, that one would need to call them, but I do know
we all have had that experience, where we had to show up when we really didn’t want to.
Unfortunately that does happen, but most of the time the holiday season is spent with those we love and care for.
Those we choose to spend time and make special moments and memories with.
Even Jesus showed us the importance of family and friends.
As he ministered to others, he wanted to get away with those he truly cared for and loved.
On this eve of Thanksgiving, let us think on and pray for our relationships and family.
The other words of the season.