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An idea to help you through this time that we are in.
I have often thought of the old fashioned way of handwriting letters again.
It is a way of returning to the old ‘ways’.
Not typed, or email but an actual hand written note or card.
I am a keeper of things, such as these notes and cards.
Ask my husband and he will tell you I have boxes of words written to me by others.
They are keep sakes that I cannot throw away.
Someone took their time and spent minutes of their day, thinking of me, of us and our friendship.
The gift of words is a connection. Within ourselves and with others.
It’s really hard to spend time with others right now since we are in a required restrictive rule around our land.
I so want to go to the beach, or find a lake, or sit in a restaurant with family or friends again.
I want to see and spend time with my grand kids and not have social distancing be the normal way.
When I think I cannot stay home another day, I have to remind myself what I have survived already.
Looking back on the 65 years of my life, some of those years were not that easy.
Even though times were hard growing up as a little girl; the resilience and fortitude that I learned through it all; prepared me for a time such as this.
I think it would be good and thought provoking to sit down with a pen and paper and write down the moments that we remember.
The times what were frustrating and difficult and how we made it out of those moments.
When we (me too) thought it would not end, we could not go further, we could not make it; and we did.
Write down everything. Don’t over plan the words; just write them.
It validates the inner strength we have within us.
I read another quote one time and I firmly believe it.
“The longest journey you will ever take is from your head to your heart.” Katy Perry from American Idol.
My heart tells me I am struggling somewhat with this ‘isolation’ time.
My head tells me that soon we can go places and once again be normal.
The journey becomes my choice on how I will choose to react.
An idea to help you through this time that we are in, is write it down.
Replace negative with positive and know that it’s going to be alright.
We are in this together. A lonely path going somewhere.