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Another one who was chosen above many others was Mary.
Chosen to play a very important part in the story.
Chosen to mature as a young teenage girl and
trust in all she was told.
I believe God knew her heart was right.
I believe God knew she was the one who was to be the mother.
Can you even imagine?
Mary knew some of the story but she had no clue it would be include her.
She accepted the journey ahead of her.
The word tells us she ‘pondered it all’ into her heart.
She kept it close.
She knew HE was special just as she was.
We never know how much our hearts would break when asked to do
something God could ask.
She grew in love as she accepted and grew in heart ache as she saw.
Our pastor said: it began in an empty womb and ended in an empty tomb.
Oh to be chosen.
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