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Although I am in the middle of sharing our ‘Pastor’s teachings’ the Friday word prompt that was presented this week, got me thinking.
The word is Ocean.
We just got home from the short time we spent at the beach. Our favorite place to go and relax.
The ocean is mesmerizing. It is peaceful and always it is just what our spirits need.
Sand and fresh air along with the sound of the oceans waves…rushing forward and back.
My husband found a tiny shell that was perfect. A tiny sand dollar smaller than a dime.
How wonderful is that? It was perfect in form without a crack.
We took our trailer this time, and we take our computers for me to write with and books to read.
Most times my husband works at the camp but this time we took Friday to play.
We drove up north and acted like a tourist visiting little towns we haven’t seen in a while.
Finding a good lunch at a new restaurant, snacks at a candy shop (I had very little other than a chocolate peanut cluster) and then dinner at our favorite fish brew pub.
It is good to get away sometimes. Life is too serious and too demanding.
We are retired but it still gets busy and sometimes you just have to say, “we are out of here.”
The ocean is our favorite place. The bonus part of this trip we even got to enjoy some sun.
The ocean and sun is too great combinations in our area. Most days are overcast and cool.
What a blessing to walk with a cool breeze and sun on our faces.
Just had to share our ‘last few days’ with you.