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Write for five minutes without editing and then publish with no looking back.
I will try once more to do this challenge the weeks word is ‘After’.


After the day was over
and we heard the news that he was gone
it was hard.
It was peaceful.
It was strange.
It was a surreal moment for everyone.
what do you say and how does one react?
some in tears.
some just numb.
We stood in the room with no sound between us.
Just silence.
Then a few made phone calls telling others it was over.
We thanked the nurses and the doctors and papers were signed.
I am one who lingers a bit.
I am also one who wonders where they will take him and how.
my mind races with many questions and yes I can’t answer any of them.
It is perfectly right and reasonable to grieve a loss of a loved one.
I am sure those who missed Jesus did the same.
HE was gone.
He was no longer the one they followed.
He had promised them life everlasting and hope and a future
and it was over. finalized  and  ended.
They could not see or understand that the end was the beginning of a promise.
We miss our dad who we loved just as the followers missed Jesus.
We know dad is in a peaceful place and we also know for now
Jesus is there.
Can you even imagine?
Standing next to him.
Sitting close and perhaps listening to his words and his voice and his vision.
We wish for that now sometimes.
We wish for dad to return but really we wouldn’t want him to return.
He is with his loved one, mom and his oldest son and that is good.
What we do after it is over is a choice we all make.
We can be bitter and angry or we can be filled with peace and comfort.
It ultimately is our choice.
End of writing. 
I have to say after the writing was over I really don’t believe anyone in our family is bitter or angry over dad’s passing. 
We miss him a lot.
Anytime there is a death there is always many emotions that go with the news.
I was just writing and perhaps for some those feelings are true depending on the circumstance and timing of a loved ones death.