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After we have challenged ourselves to think in different ways and think of different words to use.
It would be fair for us to say, ‘this is new and I need time’ to learn how to do this.
When I am sharing with someone I can say, “Every Thursday we go to the beach and it brings me joy and peace to listen to the ocean and set the time aside to write here in this safe place.”
Now I could have said, “I love the beach…” Which would be true but the descriptive words I used made the sentence more personal as it told the story of how it felt for me.
One can visualize the ocean, and the sounds of the waves, then the quiet tapping on a keyboard.
Often I think we take the easy way around language and sharing; to make it less difficult for us and those reading.
I tend to write the way I present myself in person and often that is in word pictures but also to the point of facts.
For example, “The sky is grey today.” When you read that you pictured in your mind a grey sky.
But if I said, “The sky is full of multiple colors of grey with a mixture of sun breaks and a bit of wind.”
Did you see it differently?
Our words paint a picture for those who are reading them.
I think as a writer it’s important to make the point known and my goal is always to leave a bit of ‘wondering’ when the reader is finished.
That is why when I began this journey of blogging I prayed for a name and I heard the words, “something to think about.”
I want those to walk away with a sort of ‘AH Ha moment’ as well as a challenge for thinking.
My husband’s dad as he moved into the journey of memory loss, would often say to my husband, “I’ve never been on this road before”, and it was the same road he traveled many times.
That is what I want for this ‘space’ when someone is reading it.
It is my hope that my words do not repeat themselves and do encourage those who faithfully read them.
I want them to walk away with, “I’ve never thought of it that way before.”
Writing is hard work and those who do it often know how important it is to make it simple to read yet powerful in presentation.
It’s kind of like our songs at church that stay with us throughout the week. Simple yet meaningful too.
As we challenge ourselves to think in different ways let’s challenge each other in the journey too.