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Have you ever had something weigh so heavy on your heart
that in the darkness of the night you wrestle with the heaviness?
In your worry and anxiety you struggle to make sense of it all and it is hard to find the reason to move forward and face what is ahead.
I would imagine Joseph had that happen to him upon hearing the news of Mary and her baby to be and the responsibility he would be facing.
Matthew 1: 20

{But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream.} 
Just at the right moment, God provides a way of understanding and a deep peace within us so we can move forward in a posture of trust. 
After… the struggle there is peace given.
Just as God gave Joseph time to wrestle with integrity issues and character issues and what he stood for as a man.
He does the same for us.
I think it is good to remember this part of the story.