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About six months ago I joined a professional writers group.
It was a bold move on my part since I am not professional and only write here, in this place.
Oh occasionally I will do guest posts but mostly it’s here and my audience is pretty small.
Some of us were commenting on our ‘small’ audience and one of the leaders gave a talk to us.
It was not only encouraging but thought provoking too.
She said, “So you only have 19 people reading your blog writing. Ok then you do your best to serve those 19 people and to make them want to come back for more of your words.”
“For instance if you had all 19 readers in your home for coffee, you would set out your best cups, your finest dishes and your homemade goodies to make it nice for them. You would do things to welcome them.”
It was a very different concept for me because we used to have a small group in our home on a weekly basis and it stressed me to have them. Hospitality is not my ‘highest gift.’
Also to have 19 in a room is rather large and not considered an intimate sharing time.
So to make it more, friendly and safe, we could break the large group into two.
In the blog world you can’t really do that; what I am trying to realize is this, NO number is too small.
Whether you write for 1, 4 or 19. You write for your audience and say what you need to say to them.
They will appreciate it too if they know you are doing it for the right reason.
The writers group also tells us to keep track of our email list and respond to our readers.
That is hard for me since I have no idea who really reads this.
Other than 1 or 2 who comment, the others are a mystery to me; kind of out in cyber space.
Unless my readers send me a comment I have no idea who they are and I won’t be able to reach out to them.
I write because the Lord laid it upon my heart to share words that would both encourage and challenge those who choose to be readers. That is why the name came to be “something to think about.”
After much prayer those words came to me and I thought it was exactly what I wanted to accomplish.
After reading a blog post I wanted the reader to step back and think on the words written.
Giving them ‘something to think about.’
In the future I am not stressing about numbers or wondering who.
I am just writing into this little space and if it becomes a blessing to you; well then I did what I have wanted to do.
May God get all the glory for the words that are shared as HE began this good work.