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A way of keeping busy, I suppose.
When I woke up the other morning from a deep sleep, I remembered how I used to play with this little box.
As a child it kept me busy for hours and my goals were to either try to create pictures or go back and forth until the screen showed the inside.
I know …a weird kid, but I stayed out of the range of ‘issues’, and it could keep me busy for hours.
Kids now adays don’t know how to entertain themselves other than what is electronically put in front of them.
For Christmas my husband bought me a few color books for adults. Actually, a good friend sent me the first one.
I started off with colored pencils then moved to using colored pens that go on like a paint brush.
It is relaxing, challenging and doesn’t take much brain power, which is good at my age.
I am not sure I would actually go back into doing art, in high school I took Art four years and junior high I believe it was for two years.
Plus, I trained in graphic arts in high school, doing all the lay out and printing and typesetting for many projects, plus I ran a printing press.
When we were getting married, I created our wedding invitations and thank you notes as a class project.
Received the invitations free, received triple A’s, because it was a final project, so it was a win-win for sure.
This is going back many years, but I don’t think it is easy to forget.
They don’t do things like that anymore.
Modern technology sometimes is wonderful although I do think kids need to learn skills.
In high school the place I went to was called occupational skills center, and it was similar to a community college.
It offered many different life skills that students could take and learn.
Many never went on further to college because it wasn’t needed.
As a child I always found things to keep me out of the home ‘chaos’ at times.
A way of keeping busy I suppose and checking out for a few hours.