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Thanksgiving is over now.
Today I saw cars with Christmas trees on the top.
The people inside them already planning on
Christmas decorating when they got home.
I would rather take a few days and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for.
This has been a season of thanks.
Gratitude is the highest form of praise.
Thanksgiving is so over looked and ignored.
Thanksgiving day is over but we can still remain thankful in all things and for all things.
We can reflect on the past months and see
where God has had his hands on our lives.
We notice the passing of time more as we age.
It seems we just had Christmas and now we are here again.
Soon we will begin to move into the holiday spirit.
Ready for the carols, and cocoa in steaming hot mugs.
Ready for the fire in the fireplace with the crackling wood.
Ready for the nativity to be set in a good and wonderful place.
Ready for a marathon shopping day then a marathon wrapping day.
Reflections of days so long ago when life seemed a bit easier.
When the passing of time seemed slower and the season could just be a time of reflection.