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As we enter into a time of giving thanks in this season of thanksgiving.
I pray for all to have a wonderful time with others.
I love that it’s also a time for family and if not family it’s a good time for friends.
We are at the stage in our lives that if we can see our grand children that is a bonus; but we also know they are growing and things get rearranged sometimes.
This year our oldest grand daughter has a job in a care home and is working on Thanksgiving day.
So dinner will have to adapt to a smaller group, our son and his family is doing something new.
Inviting others into their home. It is kind and generous to do that.
We will make turkey and all the fixings. Perhaps order a pie and have real whipping cream.
I will make good use of the left overs and boil the bones for broth.
It will be soup and other left over meals. We are not having green bean casserole none of us like it.
Tomorrow our daughter and her family will come for a pre-thanksgiving dinner so we can enjoy Faith (our oldest grand daughter) too, and her boyfriend.
The ability to be flexible is needed as the family changes.
I am thankful we live close to all of them and see them often.
I am thankful we can be encouraging and helpful in many areas of their lives.
I am thankful we can cook, and have meals together and just enjoy each others company.
There are many things to be thankful for.
Did you know that in the bible the word thanks and thanksgiving is used 143 times?
That is pretty significant and it challenges us to have an attitude of thanksgiving.
[Therefore I will give thanks to You among the nations, O Lord, And I will sing praises to Your name.] Psalm 18:49
[Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving;] Colossians 4:2
Let us challenge ourselves to keep an attitude of gratitude and faith no matter what happens.