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This is the time of year for reflection.
Fall always does that to me.
I step back and do deep cleaning and deep thinking.
Not in that order.
It is the moving into a season for giving thanks
that always brings me into a more thoughtful
reflective space.
I value thanksgiving.
Learning to be thankful is a gift we all can give ourselves.
Going for a walk outside and really look around and
see and feel the fresh air blowing against our face.
Giving thanks with a grateful heart is something we can learn
no matter how hard our hearts have been.
As school begins again for many it represents a new direction.
A new place in life and a new season and
a new year that is clean and clear and not filled with clutter.
You know the calendar clutter we put down and wonder why.
Oh and I don’t mean my house clutter goodness if you saw my den or my spare room
we would have quite a chat about my disorganized mess.
I am talking about the clutter that takes space in our hearts or
our heads
not leaving room for reflection on that which is most important.
In prayer sometimes I find myself saying,
“Oh lord I would love a clean ordered beautiful home”.
Then I hear, within a quiet stirring:
“Your home is sufficient… see and remember
those who live in less than what you have.
How they worry and fret over not which store they could shop in
but which river or stream is cleanest to drink out of.”
My grace is sufficient for you.
When I feel myself moving into the complaining room
He always sets my heart right back
to a place of acceptance and thanksgiving and gratitude.
What is most important as we move into a time for reflection
is remembering we have much to be thankful for in this time of
I love thanksgiving.
It is not just in November when we sit around a festive table and a well cooked turkey.
It is a place in our heart.
It is a ‘spirit’ we hold onto when we remember to ‘give thanks’.
When we remember to allow ourselves a time for reflection.