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A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.
When I read this quote on my bulletin board, I am reminded of the many friends who have enriched our lives.
I can remember back when I was a young mom in the hospital having her very first baby.
Down the hall and later in the room was another mom having her first.
We have a common ground of friendship.
Our boys are the same age. I was young and she was ten years older, but we have stayed in contact all these years.
Later I had a daughter, and she did too.
It’s been 48 years of getting together a few times a year.
We are in our late 60’s they are in their late 70’s.
The years have been good, and our friendship not forgotten.
Then I remember other friends who have walked this life path of kids, and church activities and illnesses and bible studies.
Friends who have stood the test of time with us.
When I think of each one, they all helped in a certain point in time.
Some friends have dropped away, and I have not heard from them, but the ‘real’ ones are here to stay.
I know at any point I can call them and ask for prayer.
I know at any point I can call them and go over to their house for fellowship.
I know at any point I can reach out to them and just thank them.
Saying thank you is a gift we can give to others.
Saying I appreciate you and miss you is also a gift.
Those friendships that have stood the test of time. That is what I value.
When it’s time for me to go, someday, I want those friends to remember, it was good and sweet.
We had God to bind us together, we had friendships to help us nurture what is refreshing to our soul.
I don’t take light thoughts about those special ones who have held a special place within my heart.
A sweet friendship refreshes the soul, always and have some tea too..