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On Friday I have a writing that will be published on
Michelle DeRusha’s blog.
It is the story of when I was a spiritual misfit.
How I began to believe in a God bigger than anything else.
How I came to realize that He knows and He cares,
and He will not ever leave us.
How my life was changed in a forever way.
It is a story that is layered with many words not written and many experiences not shared.

Michelle’s book is a wonderful reminder of when a heart is seeking
God will answer.
It is a journey of questions and challenges.
It is both serious and funny. I laughed as I read the humor
as she shared the many trials and struggles of being a mom.
You will not be disappointed in this book I recommend it

I have enjoyed her writing, her friendship and her blog for a few years now and next year I will finally be able to meet her.
On Friday she will be featuring my story.
A story of faith and belief and how a ‘small prayer’ was answered.

Hope you can join me in this journey as she shares ‘my story’.