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More people were brought into the ‘story’ for Mary and Joseph and they were continually amazed at the prophetic words from the old testament to the time set before them.
They realized and knew their baby was unique and different.
The angels had told them he would be named Jesus.
The angels announced to the shepherds to go see.
Later on the wise men would go see also this chosen baby.
Mary would hide within her heart and store the lessons she learned about her tiny baby.

Every new mom spends hours and hours looking at her precious little new one.
Marveling at the tiny toes and tiny fingers.
Soft sweet cheeks and tender curls of hair.
I wonder how it was for her heart to know this was a very special chosen child.
I wonder if she knew ahead of time that her heart would break many times over as she would have accepted the calling on her life to be his ‘mother’.
Forever changed.
Forever new and different.
Remember those life changing, life altering moments.
Our choice is to accept them or resist.
I think in this setting and in this time Mary accepted all that she saw and all that she experienced with an open heart and a willing spirit.
Her baby was born in a town called Bethlehem and she would love like she had never loved before.
It is a special kind of love between a mom and her baby.
A child is born and captivates the hearts of so many who knew him.
It was a special kind of love.