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I have been quiet this week, doing a lot of thinking and praying and pondering.
Life has been both good and really hard, so it is good to take a quiet little break.
We went to our ‘friends’ memorial service which was packed with many people.
It was a day of remembering… and gratitude that we were able to know her.
Our ‘grown’ children are finding good blessings around the corner for them.
Something every parent wants to see and know.
Our lives are moving at a pace that is slow yet fast approaching my husband’s retirement.
Job changes, money changes, I heard our doctor is no longer ‘in business’ so that is a new change.
I don’t like change.
I like the familiar. I like to know what is coming at me and what to expect.
Some things are out of our control. So I wait and tell myself to breathe, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.
Sometimes that is all you can do.
beautiful tree