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Speaking of heart issues following up on my last writing.
It leads me to the wondering of ‘how is your heart condition?’
After the stress test I was to meet with the cardiologist for the reading of the results.
Not anticipating any bad news I went into his office with a hope that all was good.
Although it did leave me with an uncertain feeling since the test was ordered and in my health history there has been high blood pressure and cholesterol issues.
I did wonder what would it feel like to have him tell me,
“your heart has major issues”.
All of us have heart issues to a point if we are human.
We have lack of forgiveness sometimes.
We have broken relationships and bitterness sometimes.
We have deep grief sometimes.
We have wounded spirits sometimes.
Each of these have the potential to create ‘heart issues for us’.
Years ago when I went through a serious depression my heart ached and it felt very dark and heavy.
Heart issues can mask themselves and unless one goes to a physician who can diagnose the problem
they have the potential to shorten life expectancy.
As I sat across the room with the cardiologist he said to me in a very serious tone,
“Why are you in here?”
My heart was fine according to everything he saw on the readings
in fact he even went so far as to say the test wasn’t even needed and
he hoped it didn’t come out of my pocket.
It is good to hear the confirmation from a specialist just as it is good to hear from the Holy Spirit that our heart is in good shape if we are believers.
We don’t know the condition of our heart until we make the effort to find out.
The doctor proceeded to talk to me about diet and supplements giving me the permission to begin an exercise program that would not only strengthen my heart but give more years to my life.
He said for me to start at thirty minutes a day and work up to a weight loss of ten to fifteen pounds.
Just as we need the Holy Spirit to share with us and reveal to us ‘the condition of our heart’
this doctor needed to confirm for me the realization that I was fine and ready to exercise.
So how are you feeling these days about the condition of  your own heart?
Is there something that needs to be fixed or changed or addressed emotionally?
I think it is something for all of us to think about.