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A new year and a new challenge for ourselves is here; as we begin a new season of life for us.
This is a month of change for us, my husband will turn sixty five and begin his journey into Medicare.
It is a great savings for us from paying out of pocket premiums and now it is 80% reduced for him.
I am not there yet so I still have to pay a premium out of pocket but it is still less than last year.
It is a year of perhaps new changes as we consider a move from our current home.
We moved into this one in 1986 I think and it was fun while it was a bigger home and something different.
The years have pursued us and we don’t want stairs anymore. It is time for us to find a single level easy living situation for seniors with easy access and nice rooms.
I cannot even imagine the amount of work it will take to get packed and ready to move but, I think it can be done and in the end will be very good.
I am looking forward to something fresh and new, although I do not want our neighbors to find out we are thinking about it. They have stated over and over we are good neighbors and they enjoy our friendship.
Reality is, we need a flat space and a single level and something we can live in for the rest of our ‘life’ together. I am going to be very picky about where, and what kind of place.
I have my criteria for choosing something else, it must have no stairs, a fresh clean look, privacy and good neighbors.
We have found that already. So now the decision will be when to move and how to move.
It is a challenge and a hope. It will be emotionally hard, yet freeing. It will be good, no matter where we go and when we go it will be the right decision and we will have peace in the choice made.
A new year is beginning and we have many things to look forward to and many things will take place.
Let’s make it a good one.