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I have been waiting and praying for a new ‘word of the year’.
Each year words have been given to me, and each year I have waited with anticipation, of how they will play out in the days and months ahead.
It feels like the new word for this year has come to me.
I am not yet ready to share it, but soon I will share the ‘meaning and the story’.
For now I wait and listen and wonder and pray.
This last year my word was Hope.
I needed that word for many reasons and I do believe it was the right one given to me.
Within the year we saw my husband have and recover from a full knee replacement.
That was very major and hard for both of us.
Within the year my best friend moved hours away from me, but she is happy and healing in a beautiful marriage designed by God.
Within the year I was able to rekindle a relationship that was broken and needed healing.
Within the year I was able to find out some health issues that have bothered me and how to deal with them.
Within the year I was able to heal another relationship that had been hurtful and we are now talking again.
Within the year I was able to restore my thoughts about childhood hurts and wounds that had ‘molded’ who I was as an adult.
Within the year we had to say good bye to my husband’s good friend’s as they were killed in an accident together.
Because we have always known but feel deeply, that life is short and anything can change in a day we made another decision.
That my husband is going to retire and end his life long career as a design engineer so we can travel and have time together.
Each of these circumstances and issues needed hope to restore and replace the hurt or the misunderstanding.
Each of these decisions needed hope to rekindle a new awareness of life and living each day to the fullest.
Each of these choices we have learned to make or not make, have been for our good and the good of others.
Our God said, “Hope deferred, makes a heart faint.” I say, “Hope given, makes a heart healed.”
Soon I will share how my new word came to me.
It is a good word full of anticipation and shall I say, Hope?