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This is the beginning of a new week and it is also the beginning of the changing of seasons.
Fall looks so fresh and colorful.
Leaves dropping one by one landing to the ground in a pile of color.
Trees standing with yellows and oranges and reds and browns, letting go of the old and entering in to a space of empty.
I love this time of year.
Perhaps that is why we got married in this ‘season’ of cool and color and rain and wind.
It is refreshing.
It is the ending of hot summer and the beginning of cool brisk fall day sand of planning for the holidays. It is walking in the cool, listening to the Canadian geese in the sky heading on their yearly path for the winter.Canada_Geese_Goose_Orange_Sky_V-Formation
It is finding your old coats or sweaters and dragging out your boots and umbrellas.
It is hot tea and a book and a comfy blanket or two.
It is the change of everyday that makes this season so wonderful.
One doesn’t know if rain is staying or sun is coming.
Storms are good too if you are not out in the middle of them.
I love this season of fall.
The changing of seasons are meant for us to enjoy.
Let us put on our excitement as we prepare for the coming months.
Oh the joy of fall fires in the fireplace and warm conversations with those we love.
This is the beginning, let us make it a good one.