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The writing prompt this week is the word : Fall
(you write for five minutes with no editing then publish without looking back)
So many I have read are writing about the normal thought of falling… like as in holding on and being safe.
But I immediately think of the season of fall.
I love it.
The coolness. The colors. The beautiful pictures that God paints throughout the land with leaves of many colors and cloud formations of deep grays and blacks and it so reminds of hunkering down and slowing our pace and having tea and warm fires in the fireplace.
Yes it is summer now and in most places the temperature is in the eighties. 
But this is not my favorite time of year.
I love warm sweaters and flannel shirts or soft Henley’s that pull over ones head with warm fuzzy slippers and socks to match.
I love fall.
The preparation of dying outside and moving into the winter quiet.
I also love the fact that it is our anniversary.
This year our fortieth. 
Yes for forty years we have spent many fall months celebrating our beginning days.
It is a new time of life. 
For school children it is the challenge of new classes, new friends and new teachers.
For adults it is a centering back into a routine that we can live with and also the small beginnings of changes for everyone.
We wait with anticipation. 
And we learn to be thankful while we wait in this new time.