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A new month is beginning and soon spring will arrive with warmer days and blooms on my flowers.
I have been ready for warmer days for some time.
It’s been a long wait.
We are in the week of Easter now. Oh I remember when our kids were little, and we would do eggs and easter baskets.
I remember one time our granddaughter who was about three or four, decided she did not need to go find eggs.
Why do I have to find them when I didn’t lose them? That is a logical question for sure and kind of funny.
She could never understand why one would take eggs out of the refrigerator, boil them, color them, cool them down and then hide them in the yard ONLY to go put the found ones back into the refrigerator.
She never knew why but she did it anyway so we could take pictures and be happy for her basket of goodies.
Easter is really a family holiday. It is for church. It is for remembering the story of Jesus.
It is a story of love.
We have been watching the chosen and those characters. really show the relationships that were formed in the days of Jesus and his followers.
It is powerful and it is meaningful.
Easter is also a time for grief. It is a sad, solemn. time.
I cannot even imagine Mary watching her ‘grown son’ go through what he had to experience.
I cannot even imagine the deep sorrow. The grief upon grief.
Knowing that she was the chosen one in the Christmas story, she was also chosen in his ‘death’ story.
She had a mother’s heart, and it would break and break more as it seemed so final.
God designed this story letting everyone know we are loved.
It had to be this way.
A new month is beginning, and spring will bring warm days and new life.