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A new month and a new word.
I took a one-year word test as I often do to see what my word of the year may be.
I answered all the questions and the final word that came out was CELEBRATE.
That will be a great word for this year as we will be having and experiencing our first great grandbaby.
How exciting and definitely something to celebrate.
July is the month, and we already know it’s a girl, her name is after his mom, Janly Dawn.
So shopping is fun. Planning is too, showers to plan and presents to purchase.
My daughter will be a grandma and that is something to celebrate.
We had some ‘crisis’ moments that we were able to get out of lately and that is something to be happy about.
My husband fell on the ice and ended up in a paramedic truck to the hospital.
I even road in the passenger side with them, after they ‘pushed’ me in as it was very high.
He is ok just a bit rattled for an old guy.
He turned 70 in January. That was something to celebrate.
I made a few trips to the Immediate care for asthma and also pneumonia.
After the month of February, I think I am on the mend for March.
Speaking of March, we have four birthdays in the family it’s a busy month.
Celebrate again.
I am thinking this is a good word to focus on for a while.
The Lord is protecting us and our ‘little baby’ who is coming.
All is ok at our house in spite of some pretty rough moments.
Getting old is not for the faint of heart for sure.
We age, mature, walk the walk and learn the message of what we are supposed to be doing.
Spring will be here soon, and I am very ready to get out in our trailer and head to the beach.
A new month and a new word, to begin soon.