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The blog world or rather those who spend hours writing within a blog setting have created a movement called ‘one word’ for the year.
Each year they choose one word that will represent the meaning or the symbolism of the year ahead of them.
Last year my word was Intentional.
I like that word because to be intentional means I have to be focused and attentive and real.
Real in relationships.
Real in life and it’s processes.
Real within myself.
Learning to be intentional in all aspects of my life was a very good discipline.
The year before that I believe my word was gratitude.
To learn to be grateful in all things both good and bad.
Following the lead of Ann Voskamp and her One thousand Gifts book.
This year I am praying and listening and waiting for the word to settle in and around me.
There are many choices to choose from and many that would have great meaning
but I do believe there is one that will stand out as it comes into my heart and spirit.
Why is it important to have a word?
I think it brings more meaning and significance to the new year.
It is not just a new year ahead of us.
It becomes a year to begin again with a focus.
I have goals for this year.
They are all attainable goals for organizing and freeing up space and just focusing on less mess and more structure.
I can do them with intention and through prayer and determination.
The key is ‘I have to do it’ myself.
Empowerment comes when we take action for change within ourselves.
To become empowered we have to begin with the first step.
It is a challenge.
Sometimes we find a word and then life throws us a curve and we have to work hard to get back on track and focus on what we were doing.
It teaches us resilience and flexibility as we adapt to the lessons learned.
Are you ready for the challenge?