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We went to a memorial service a week ago.
As I was sitting there listening to the friends talk about the one who passed away
it made me think of my ‘life’.
If I died suddenly what would others say about me.
What unfinished work would I have left.
What would my life’s statement leave behind.
The legacy that I have tried to pursue is good and honorable
but would the real value of it speak
to the ones who would be sitting at my service?
I wonder
what others would say.
I wonder
did I make enough impact.
I wonder
how can I change the vision or direction right now.
Just in case.
None of us knows if we have tomorrow.
The one who passed away most likely didn’t know although they said he might have known.
He had his bible open.
(very similar to the story of my husbands brother who left too soon).
I wonder
how that would feel to anticipate the passing of time.
Part of the reason I have a word of the year is
so that I can center in and become quiet.
It is necessary in order to do things differently.
As I have been sitting and pondering
thinking and praying
a song came to me.
A song I dedicated to my husbands mother several years ago after she passed from our lives.
Perhaps it means a lot to me too.
Perhaps it would be a part of my legacy should I ever leave early.
Just wanting to share a few things I am thinking about today.