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I decided on my 60th birthday I was going to give myself a diamond.
When I turned age 50 I purchased diamond ear rings. Just one pretty stone nothing fancy.
So I knew age 60 should be something similar.
Did not know what kind, or what shape, just knew it was going to be special. At first I found a band that had a nice series of diamonds in it, that were very nice. I left the first time I saw them and knew I would return to purchase the band. That night while sleeping things didn’t feel right for me.
In the morning, I found this quote on someone’s blog I think.
A diamond is a chunk of coal that made good under pressure.
I knew after hearing that it must be a simple single stone.
God has been chipping and chipping and molding me into something new, something different, something stronger.
I have felt emotionally like a dark cold piece of coal at times, then after a short season there was a time of renewing and energy, bringing brightness and beauty.

Healing and hope.
We have been married 41 years and I am also closing down my therapy, having spent years in counseling it is time.
I am healed. I have learned new things and new tools and I am strong, much stronger then when I began.
Coal when put into the fire becomes strong too.
The day I decided to go into the local jewelry store it wasn’t clear to me what I was looking for.
When they showed me this one. A vintage stone. An antique set.
Pre-owned but era of 1920-1950 I had to have it.
I am vintage too, age 60.
Did not want to find something too flashy because of my wedding set.
It also had to be reasonable in price.
It met all criteria. And I loved the vintage look.
The band is not as old as the diamond.
Old and new, similar to what one has at a wedding… something old and something new.  Forty one years is just like that, old memories blended with new ones to come with each passing year.

A diamond is a chunk of coal… that made good under pressure.
Yes I have felt it all. The pressure to heal, the pressure to grow, the pressure to be strong.
It is good. It is mine. I am 60 years old. Married 41 years. 
Finished years of therapy. I am entitled to treat myself and I did.
I feel no guilt. Nothing other than it was something I needed to do for myself.
It was a gift to me. My husband loves it. I love it. I remain hopeful for a new and stronger new year.