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The last blog writing was a part of my story that very few knew about.
The how I became a Christian, and when I met my boyfriend (who is now my husband), and how my sister left ‘one more time’.
I really believe that if I had not received a firm answer to my prayer from God, who was the only one who knew where my sister was, I would not be who I am today.
It was a life changing moment. A moment where one has to say, “I called and he answered.”
We sing a song at church that has the words, “I called and you answered, and you came to my rescue and I want to be where you are.”
I couldn’t deny it. The answer was so clear. When my sister showed up in our home after I said a simple prayer, it was an amazing moment.
I didn’t ask for her to stay long, I only asked to see her, to know if she was even alive.
I kind of remember our conversation the day she left, and she would leave many more times after that.
She told me she wanted me to go with her.
Of course that was not an option.
Go where? she didn’t have a plan, only a street and probably some friends who didn’t have her best interest in mind. For years she would leave and then come back around the holidays, then I would see her again.
The not knowing was the worst.
I remember looking out the windows day after day, as the rain and cold winds pounded the ground, wondering and worrying about her.
Was she warm or fed, was she safe or hurt. So many years we didn’t know.
Things got bad for her and she could have ended her life many times.
I believe God had his hand of protection over her and sent his angels to protect her.
At age 63 she is now living in an assisted living home, healthy and alive.
I often tell her, if she was a cat her nine lives would be way over the limit.
In high school I dated my ‘boyfriend’ for a few years, breaking up and getting back together, being the typical ‘teen couple’ who are learning how to be committed to each other.
Neither one of us was ready for a ‘real’ strong relationship as in most teens we didn’t know what that meant.
By the time He was near graduating from high school, he went into the navy and I began to date someone else.
I was a year younger than he was and even though he left our area, I always thought we would end up getting married someday.
He lasted 46 days, it was during the Vietnam war and they could not keep him if he couldn’t serve.
He had hurt his knee during basic training and spent most of that time in the hospital.
So he returned back home, and we started to date again.
By that time my sister was back home for a while and she got to be a part of the engagement plans.
My other sister was already married to her high school sweetheart and to this day they are still married after 45 years. It is amazing to me that my husband and I have been married 42 years.
We had so much to over come and deal with as a young couple with two different histories.
There were very few role models to learn from, we just went into the relationship knowing it would be a commitment for a long time.
My parents divorced when we were young and I told myself that it would be something I would never do.
I pray I don’t reveal too much when sharing our life’s journey.
I want to share just enough, to let others know a little bit more about who I am and how God saved me.
The continuation of the story is important as we move down memory lane.