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Today’s Friday challenge is to write about the word Rest in five minutes: 
No editing and No over thinking. Just free writing and free thinking. 

The words Rest brings many things to me.
I think of flannel pants and warm shirts.
I think of warm blankets and pajamas.
I think of sleeping in when everything in you yells get up.
I think of taking a weekend a way and driving to the beach.
Listening to the water crash against the sandy beaches.
I think of slowing down.
I think of being still.
My word of the year has been quiet and I do feel rest can walk alongside that word.
Be still. Be quiet. Be calm. Rest in the situation and listen instead of talk.
So much is yelling at us and clamoring for our attention.
Find rest for your soul then you can be restored and renewed and 
able to give again.
Rest… Restore, energize, still, trust
All equal REST.