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This was written in 2011 but many of the readers have never seen it so it is being shared today as I have no brain energy to write a new blog post.
AND I was told that is is very funny, we all could use a bit of humor today.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A bit of Humor

I thought I would share a bit of humor today.
My son is a police officer and he works at the station down town where we live. He enjoys his job and enjoys the satisfaction of helping others and recently worked up to a Sergeant position. His normal job is in a district attorneys office the police job is for continual training and to add to his resume. I am sure it is very interesting at times for him when his mother has had a few ‘moments’ with the officers of the law in the area. Not intentionally of course I just happened to get in situations where we meet on occasion. 
Sometimes it is with someone he knows other times like this story he didn’t know them. 
The first funny moment was during a construction period not far from the new addition to our town called the Allison Inn. The road crews were making a round about to make traffic easier to deal with. Round abouts are circles going left or right allowing the drivers to slow down and yield depending on the direction they are going.

(drawing of a round about)
I happened to have my sister in the car at the time and we were driving through the mess of the road construction and apparently I went the wrong way. 
I was heading into on coming traffic driving on the wrong side of the road.
Yes I said …the WRONG side of the road…oops.

Now my sister noticed it first and then she quietly said, “Are you going the right way?”
I realized I was in error and tried to get where I was supposed to be, only I ended up high centered on the edge of the concrete barrier with one tire up and one tire down and I was stuck. Afraid to gun the engine and get unstuck, I stayed there a few minutes to re-think my problem.
In the mean time we notice some headlights coming my way as it was dusk and night was quickly coming upon us. The headlights were in my lane since I was in their lane. It was a bit frustrating to realize how stuck I was and cars were beginning to line up on the other side wanting to go past me.
About the time I realized I was not able to move my car forward or backward.

I noticed the first car that showed up in front of me was a sheriffs cars with headlights on top. When the officer stopped his car he opened his door and stepped out staying behind his door and said to me in a loud voice, “Get off the road… back up and get off the road. You are blocking traffic.” 
Using his bull horn to get my attention.
If you have ever heard one of those they are loud and somewhat unnerving.
Especially when someone is armed and in uniform telling you to move and get off of the road. I wasn’t sure what to do other than what he said and I was a bit afraid to move my car and hurt it. I was in quite a predicament and not sure of my next move.

(from a clip art I found)

Now you would have thought he could have come over to help me, or to see if I was ok or to just talk quietly instead of using the mega bull horn with people watching. NO he told me to move in a very loud way and with force in his voice. “Get off the road you are blocking traffic.”
I WAS STUCK couldn’t he see that? It should have been very obvious.
After having the instructions to get off the road given to me by an officer of the law
I told my sister to hang on.
We were getting out of there.
I pressed my foot on the pedal of my car and tried to back up then I tried to go forward and finally dropped onto the road and drove off leaving the officer in a cloud of dust with a line of cars behind him to carry on for the rest of the night. My sister thought it was funny although she kept her comments to herself till later.
I was worried about my car and upset the officer didn’t come help me.
I asked my son about it when I got home and he said, Mom if I would have found you like that I would have had you walk the line.”
That’s my boy… Thanks Son.
A bit of humor from the small home town in Oregon.