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In my last writing I mentioned our son.
Today is his birthday, 41 years ago we brought home a tiny little baby boy all six pounds and nineteen inches long.
He was our first, we learned to be parents, of course we made many mistakes and struggled in our new role.
He was our blessing, a perfect tiny little person.
We learned by doing and hoping we would make it from one day to the next.
Being a parent is hard, there is no manual to read like in drivers ed. You don’t get a ‘You did it, you made it’.
We brought you home into our tiny little house, and we learned together.
You were our dimpled boy and our delight.
You grew and continued to bring us joy and laughter and many memories.
You had an incredible sense of pretend, there were no ‘electronic devises’ back then, other than our box size television.
You played and you had a wonderful imagination.
Some days you were a cowboy, some days you were riding your ‘bike’, some days you were a rescue person like on the show emergency.
You were our joy.
You grew and each year there were many new experiences for you.
You played the French horn for 8 years and I learned to love the mellow deep sound of the instrument.

You had your dog Noah who followed you and who helped you climb the rocks and hills outside our home.
Then we watched you graduate from high school, then go to college and then meet your love, still married many years later.
It has been quite the journey to walk with you through the many adventures and joys you have had.
We are very proud of you son.
We have prayed with you, walked with you, advised you and challenged you.
It has been a good 41 years. May we have many more.
Christopher which means Christ bearer, you have grown, your love for the Lord, your family and your country is what we are proud of.
You have become a wonderful husband, father and son and brother… God be with you and protect you always.
You will always have our love.