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So far the year has been interesting and quiet.
I love quiet and have learned to love my alone times as well as times with others.
My natural preference is to have down time by myself to think, or ponder.
(Our Pastor told us that to ponder is to have conversations with yourself like Mary did in the Christmas story when she pondered all that was said about her baby.)
This is not the same as ‘talking to yourself’ as in a psycho state of mind, it is just conversations to sort things out.
As a writer I think it makes perfect sense to write, read aloud what was written, ask questions of ‘what’ is the main point, then finish it.
My husband was off the two weeks around Christmas. It was very nice to have him home but in saying all that it also ‘changes’ my days.
When I am home alone I am in quiet. There is most of the time no noise other than my cats meowing at the den door because it is shut.
When he is home he enjoys football or old ‘John Wayne movies. He will also watch a NCIS marathon.
I can watch that a little because who doesn’t like to look at Mark Harmon? but the violence gets tiring.
Soon we will be together all the time. It will be good and also a bit challenging. I like to set aside Tuesday and Thursday for writing.
If we are retired together that might not happen as often as I would like.
I must learn to be flexible. I must also be able to say, today I need to write.
But also I must learn to do what he enjoys and wants to do. (except camping in a tent)
My word of the year is reveal. What a fitting word to show us and reveal to us, our new way of living.
Looking forward to the lessons to be learned and the time spent together as we explore our new life of retirement.