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I have taken a few days to think about and enjoy the Christmas season.
Christmas Eve was spent at church for a service and it was wonderful to sing and rest in the words of our Pastor.
Christmas day we had family over and of course the children enjoyed their gifts and brunch was good.
Clean up is always not too fun as it requires hand washing of china and special glasses.
But I did it and it was all not too bad.
The few days between Christmas and New Years is always a quiet time, taking decorations down and putting them away.
Getting the house back in order. I am praying about my new ‘word for the year’ and many other things.
The story of Christmas is not quite done as our Pastor said today, the story continues.
He shared today on Anna and Simeon. Can you imagine just living in the ‘temple’ day in and day out?
They waited with expectancy for the Messiah.
THE Messiah, the one who, they would understand and know without any question, that this is the one.
Some thought the Messiah would save them from the rulers of the land and set up a new kingdom.
God had other things in mind.
He not only wanted His Son to come down to save us, he also wanted His character and the kingdom to pursue us in a deep and abiding love.
He wanted to love us so deeply and to give us a way of ‘redemption’ through the Story of Christmas.
Everyone loves a story. Everyone loves a ‘beautiful story.’
The Story of Jesus, the Spirit of Christmas is all about the story of God’s perfect plan.
A foretelling of His desire to come alongside us and not leave us alone without Hope.
God waited for the right time. The right place in time for Jesus to come to us.
There was an expectant HUSH throughout the galaxies. A baby was born.
I read a note on face book that spoke of the expectant hush, when all of creation stopped, for an instant.
And it said the stars, and the angels and everyone held their breath and beauty.
Till the baby was born. Waiting for the expectancy of a Savior. The fulfillment of a promise.
Who would save us from not only ourselves, but from times of being alone for eternity.
God loved us SO much, that He gave, His only son so that we could believe in him and find hope.
God had other things in mind. He had love from the depth his heart to us.