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Years ago my husband had this picture taken of himself, our grandson and grandpa’s dog.
It remains one of my favorite pictures of all time. The colors, the walk together, the dog just following the trail.
I always love the fall.
We chose to get married in the fall just because of the colors and the time of year we both loved.
Our wedding day was simple because we were young and didn’t have a lot of money.
Here we are saying our vows at age 18 and 19 and praying that God would bless our decision.
Forty two years later, I can say HE has blessed us far beyond we ever thought or dreamed.
The other day we went on a ‘outing’ to a winery in the fall. We love the colors and time spent together.
This anniversary we celebrated for about three days doing winetasting, then to the beach, then into the valley where I posted yesterday.
The rains have not ruined the colors of the landscape and in fact might have even made them more rich and beautiful.
David hill winery 4
Soon the leaves will disappear and we will begin to get the winter rains, our Pacific Northwest is known for.
Not sure if we will be getting snow this year.
I hope we do, but it is not that common to get snow in our area.
For now we will enjoy the fall colors and the continual theme of giving thanks, as we head into the Thanksgiving season, full of family memories gathered together.
david hill winery 3