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The other day we were getting ready to take our twin 6 year old grand daughters home to their parents along with their sister who is 10. Pillows and backpacks were taken out to the car along with other items going home.
Hannah wanted her helium filled balloon too and as she was trying to put it in the trunk, it began to float away. Grandma tried to catch it, but the wind was faster than I was. Huge tears fell down her face, crying for her balloon, wanting it to ‘come back’. I tried to talk to her but it wasn’t working. As I helped her into her car seat, tears falling down her sad face.
I said to her, “do you know why that balloon was floating away ‘so fast’?” she was listening now, not crying (which was my goal). “No why, she answered me with her sad quivering voice and teary eyes”.
I began to talk in my grandma tone, “well way up in the sky, way way up in Heaven. There is an angel who is just waiting to reach for your balloon, and when she gets to touch it, she will say, “this is from Hannah, a very special little girl”. Now all three girls were listening with great anticipation of what was coming next. ” I said “she always catches balloons of little children that is her job.” {OK theology is not in this lesson}
She was now beginning to calm down, wiping tears off her cheeks… then Hannah said to me with questioning eyes.
“But grandma, how do you know? who told you this?” as she was still sort of crying only not as loud.
Without a moments passing I said ‘Oh grandma’s just know these things’…. as I looked at the face of Faith the ten year old. She was giving me the look back, as if to say ” where did you come up with this?”
Sometimes us grandma’s just have to come up with something very special and very unique for the moment. That is our job you know.