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Following my last writing and continuing the sermon notes.
Pastor was sharing about Saul and how his life was changed in an instant as he was approaching the road to Damascus.
Pastor said, “The company you keep holds you up or pulls you down.”
Who do you choose to walk beside you?
Saul was not alone in this journey he had companions (close friends) walking with him.
How did they help him during the life altering moment?
The men stood speechless.
(meaning that they had no opinion to share)
Finding him alone and blinded in the dark they didn’t leave him there.
Acts 9 vs 8: So his companions led him by the hand (to Damascus).
We don’t know how far that was for them to walk but they had to trust in the process of leading and he had to trust in the process of following not knowing where he was going.
Reversal of roles is often hard for us if we are used to being a leader.
Companions don’t always have answers.
They lead by the hand and wait for the final results with us.
Touching is a part of leading by the hand which is a close ‘physical presence’ in the same room.
It is not just saying, “I will pray for you.”
It is going to the person IN person and helping them out where it is needed.
Leading by the hand requires trust and patience and long suffering.
It is a commitment. A promise to stay.
Realizing Saul was now blind and could not see they had his best interest in mind.
They were going to find Ananias and whatever it took for them to do that, they would go and face the dangers together.
Saul had to trust in this process in the dark not knowing where they were leading him.
It could have been a very rough journey for them.
Companions don’t mind being inconvenienced.
It was not in the plan for them to lead Saul but they knew there was no choice.
Companions are cheerleaders and encourage.
Companions often lead us to a place of healing and refuge.
The meaning of refuge:
(protection, a source of relief, help or comfort in times of trouble)
Companions can be a life saving anchor for us.
Saul could have given up.
Afraid. In the dark. Unsure.
Companions see potential.
So often we don’t have confidence or we are unsure of ourselves.
Companions help us see the positive and cheer us on towards our goal saying to us as we journey, ‘let me remind you, God wants to restore you.’
Companions affirm our identity over our activity.
(Saul was touched by God and his past no longer mattered)
Companions aide us in seeing perhaps for the first time.
Our new truth.
Saul was going to become a different man.
Companions partner with us and help celebrate our new life and new changes.
They are happy for us and rejoice with us.
The question for us is this:
Who walks beside you and are they a good companion to you?
Who is with you during your transformation?
Who is a positive voice in your life leading and cheering you on?
Do you have someone like this in your life?
I think it is something for all of us to think about.