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When we think of the Easter story we have to go back before we go ahead.
The whole purpose of the cross was so that we ‘the people’ who God loved with a fierce and everlasting love could find salvation and hope through His SON.
Christmas was the beginning. He had to come as a real, living person just like us.
So the baby was conceived by the Holy Spirit the third part of the trinity, and placed in Mary the chosen one.The miracles began as the story moved through the players; and those moments when Mary pondered and held them close to her heart, were just a preparation of what was to come.
She wasn’t any different than any other expectant mom.
She was in newness and amazement as her round tummy grew, I’m sure she had fatigue and nausea.
We all had those moments, if we had children.
I remember watching my tiny ’round tummy’ grow and move as our little babies expanded the size of me.
Mary was in the same situation only she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Who would be the savior.
In preparation for what was to come she listened and took in all that was spoken about her child.
Every word was showing her that this SON, this baby who was hers, this ‘chosen one’ was different.
No mom wants to realize her test of love would come when the death of her child would happen.
It’s a grief too horrible for a heart to bear and Mary was not protected from that, in fact she was chosen for that.
She watched her son grow with the internal knowing that someday, he would leave her.
I wonder sometimes how it felt for Jesus.
We don’t often think of him in terms of a child growing up.
Did he play in the streets and kick a ball with friends? did he follow Joseph around like a son watching his dad learning many life skills?
He was known as a carpenter so Joseph must have taught him some tricks of the trade.
It’s a very interesting thought since we often move from his birth to his death and somehow not focus on the middle teaching part.
Let’s do some thinking as we move towards the direction of the cross.