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When I think of the word pause, which is a word prompt from a writers group; it stops me in my tracks because the word is so powerful.
When you hear it what does it stir within you?
The meaning is: a temporary stop or rest, a cessation of activity, to linger or dwell, to wait or hesitate.
To pause is not too much different than the last word we thought about, to rest.
Pray, Ask, Understand, Seek, Enough… that is what came to me..
When I think of pausing it seems fitting for me to ask ourselves what do we need?
That is why the word pray came to me. Sometimes we need to stop, and pray about what is bothering us.
If you are someone who doesn’t consider prayer in your life then just journal about it.
Then we can ask: what do we need right now? what would be helpful during this ‘pause’ time?
Then we can understand why it is important to stop, to dwell in the moment, to wait.
Then we can seek to listen to what our heart needs and our spirit desires, during this pause.
Then we can truly learn to say: “I have had enough” I am taking a break and this is the reason why.
I think of the saying that has been circling around on face book that says:
Pause before doing anything. Ask yourself, is it kind, it is helpful, is it hurtful, is it healing?
To be able to ask those questions before proceeding is so important.
I find the ability to pause is vital to a healing heart.
To learn to say, “no not at this time”. To stop and take a break, it is empowering and freeing.
Again it brings us back to the word restore.
To pause is also very similar to wait. To stop and not move.
Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14 NASB
Are we ready to pause for a season?
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