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Can you imagine the feelings Mary had when the Angel appeared to her?
I often talk about life altering moments. 
When our world changes in a split second and it is no longer
what we we are familiar with or knew.
I imagine that would be what Mary experienced
when her heart would receive this ‘special child’.
A mother is a mother always and she would be taken to her deepest level of love and loss.
Can you even imagine her fear or her questions
wanting to be obedient
but realizing what it would cost her?
In that culture if she was known to be with child and not married
her destiny would be death by stoning.
where one is placed in a pit and killed slowly as rocks are thrown
to break the body down till death takes place.
Perhaps that is why Joseph was told by the Angel to take her as his wife and love her as a husband would love.
Through his obedience he would save her life.
I suppose he could have said no.
The story began when two people said yes I will obey.
It is a love story on many levels.
We forget she was young 
scholars have said she was around age 14 just a teenager.
Can you imagine the responsibility for her and the intensity of the call on her life?
In this life altering moment
she was to have a child
he was to be called Jesus
he would deeply change her and also change the hearts of others.
This was indeed one of those moments I think
when we forget the heaviness of her heart where Mary had to make a choice.
God found favor with her and chose her to be the mother of the Christ Child.
We forget who she was before that happened.
Would we be so willing to do something so profound
if we were asked?