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Last Saturday we had a very different day.
Our family went out just like many others to watch a local small town parade.
There were over a hundred entries between bands playing, people marching and floats of all kinds.
Our grand daughters were on a float for the soft ball team and our grandson’s were in the parade because of their karate class.
People of all ages were there to have fun and enjoy the small town feeling.
Just before the float our grand daughter’s were on; a church float in front of us had assorted ages of children.
At one point as the float moved by us a little girl who we later found out was six years old, fell off the float and was run over by the wheels of the flat bed truck.
People were screaming, hysteria was happening.
I covered my eyes so I didn’t watch everything although I did see her completely under the tires.
The driver then moved forward and then backed up to get her out from underneath the truck.
My oldest grandson told me about it after it happened.
As soon as they were able someone picked her up and ran her to the fire department that was about a quarter of a block away. Soon after that we heard a life flight helicopter descending and then ascending up into the air taking her to a children’s hospital. It all happened so fast.
My heart was sick, my stomach weakened by the visual of that little girl.
The atmosphere changed for all of us and it was really hard for me to get into the festive spirit of parade waves after that.
I just kept praying for that sweet little one.
Later that day or maybe it was the next day the family posted pictures of her in the hospital and she survived. MIRACULOUSLY.
God protected her completely and she was released to go home about three days later.
She was very bruised and very fragile but she survived with no broken bones or head trauma.
All I can say is we witnessed a miracle.
No one can ever tell me our God is not a God of miracles; because we witnessed first hand an amazing one.
It was such a relief to me and many others to know she survived.
I have been quiet here on this page; as I have had to take care of myself.
It just proves things can change in an instant without notice.
Her family gives all glory to God. She is truly a miracle.When I saw one of my grand daughter’s after this all happened she said to me, “grandma she will be ok when they ran her to the fire station she was crying, that means she had breath. You can’t cry without it.”
We could all breathe a little easier knowing she survived a most horrible accident.
Sunday at church I kept reframing the image of her on the ground, with angels surrounding her speaking whispering healing words to her.
It was an incredibly different day for many of us who were there at that parade and we hope we never experience it again.
(sharing this without permission of the family, it is only as I witnessed it.)