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It was so nice to get away from the everyday routines.
We found this beach on the Southern coast of Oregon as we looked over the edge of a hillside.
It was isolated and alone and so tempting. We had to climb down a ‘long path’ to get there and when we arrived it was awesome and we were the only four people there.
So peaceful and quiet and inviting.
I love the beach.
Especially an Oregon beach when its sunny and warm. I love the waves… the fresh air… the awesome majestic sounds of the ocean and the stillness of the moment in time.
I could sit for hours and just listen.
I walked alone gathering sea shells as they laid mixed and mingled with ocean debris… on the wet and wind tossed sand.
It was refreshing and wonderful and spiritual all at the same time.
Today may we all find a quiet peaceful place to rest and restore our tired ‘souls’.
I could go again… to this quiet place….
where would you like to go?