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We left for a two week vacation.
It was hot, very hot, but we had a safe drive and a good time.
I took lot’s of pictures, along with my husband. For the next few weeks I will be sharing them, so stay tuned.
It is a lot of filtering through the ‘most’ shareable ones and then writing about where we were at the time. I really hope I don’t lose your interest.
We started in Oregon then moved from there to Idaho then into Montana and then back home again. The weather was mostly in the 90’s with some relief at night. We were in our trailer and my husbands sister and her husband were in a tent.
We have many adventure stories to tell and many ‘good sights’ to share.
We named our ‘old black car’ Gibbs and the trailer Gabby.
Two reasons, we like the name Gibbs and I kept chatting to my husband while he was trying to drive in unknown territory.
So the name is a for sure thing.